Sweetwater, McBain ranch, now Western Leone, near Tabernas, Almeria, Spain.

Picture taken in March 2002

A small town has been constructed around what was the solitary McBain house. The site is now called 'Western Leone' and is clearly visible from the new Almeria / Granada main road just North of Tabernas. There is an entrance fee of 6.5 Euros, we were the only visitors at the time, shortly after we arrived a petrol engine generator was started and piped music was played from loundspeakers, the music unfortunately wasn't Morricone's.

The McBain house now contains a bar, there is an upper balcony with various film stills hanging on the walls. A couple show the house, one is the famous picture of Henry Fonda and gang walking towards Timmy rifles in hand, and the other a still from a Bud Spencer film that I didn't recognise. For me the atmosphere of place has gone, and for the casual visitor unfamiliar with Once Upon A Time In The West the importance of the location would not be evident. Whether or not it is a going commercial concern remains to be seen, according to the ticket there are supposed to be Wild West shows, but none when we were there.

This will probably be my last visit, unless I return with a tape of Morricone music that they can play in future!